Pendulum Diagnosis - HCM - July

You will get the necessary information from this Class. From then on, you can understand and better help your customers. The Pendulum will support your diagnostic abilities. As you get used to the practices, you'll find yourself relying less on the Pendulum. However, there will be some days when things are not so clear. At that point, you will have a great skill and tools to rely on, in addition to your logical, intuitive, and spiritual abilities.

Date & Time: 22.07 - 23.07.2024

Location: Ho Chi Minh City

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Loại khóa học: OFFLINE

Giáo viên: Steven Burgess

Từ ngày 2024-07-22 - Đến ngày 2024-07-23

Giá gốc: 14,450฿