Fire Gathering Ha Noi 2024- Siam Reiki level 3 (Level Master) - July

After this level, you will be certified as a Siam Reiki master and can begin practicing Reiki professionally. Students learn 1 day of theory, 1 day of hands-on practice and a total of 4 attunements. Required conditions to participate in the course: Students must be over 18 years old and have mastered Siam Reiki Level 2. There must be at least 6 months since completing Siam Reiki Level 2 and students must have experience performing Reiki treatments for 30 clients (not including distance therapy).

Payment and Refund Policy

When you register Customer Service will contact you to arrange payment method. We use Wise and bank transfers.

Loại khóa học: OFFLINE

Giáo viên: Steven Burgess

Từ ngày 2024-07-29 - Đến ngày 2024-08-06

Giá gốc: 22,500,000₫