3D NLS Scan

The 3D NLS scanner is a modern device manufactured by developed countries, based on the wisdom of India and China. it uses brain waves to measure the activities of parts of the body, providing actual status reports and accurate health predictions for each point on the body. The device can measure many indicators that are not tested in hospitals, or are very time-consuming, expensive, or cause discomfort for the patient when testing, such as the Nervous System, lymph nodes, problems in the brain or cerebral cortex, DNA errors. Many customers have had their health issues predicted, before those conditions manifested into diseases that could be examined at the hospital. In addition, through the use of wave bands, the device is capable of repairing small newly encountered errors in the body that can be fine-tuned.
When you sign up for the service, you receive an in-depth examination (about 60 minutes), a detailed health status report generated from the machine and advice from Master Steve.

Giá gốc: 8,550฿